Remyt is a project aimed to create an Application platform for borderless transfer

What is Remyt?

Remyt is a decentralized peer-to-peer application platform, which provides an ecosystem where users have one wallet that enables them to send funds across borders. Remyt will make the process of money transfer by a foreign worker to an individual in his or her home country simple and fast.

Today the remittance market is worth over $500 billion, but it is still faced with derisking, high fees, insufficient transparency, Increase in settlement time, which threatens to make it more difficult for many to send and receive money.

Banks are responsible for major remittances in the world, but there are three dominant operators in the non-bank sector: Money Gram, RIA and Western Union. They operate about 1.1 million retail locations in 200 countries. However there are other players in the industry like: Currencyfair, Xe, world remit, transferwise etc. Remyt aims to decentralize remittance processes using blockchain technology by offering the cheapest fees, transparency and instant access.

The proportion of the remittance industry is more than $500 billion the goal of Remyt is to penetrate 5 percent of the market by the end of 2022

What can I do with Remyt Token?

  • Send funds to any individual/Organization worldwide (*Terms & Conditions apply)
  • Security deposit in our Remyt Partnership Program – RPP (*Terms & Conditions apply)
  • Invest in our Crypto Investment Program (CIP) to earn daily between 0.01% up to 2.25% until a minimum of 20%, up to a maximum of 40% is fully earned per month (*Terms & Conditions apply)
  • Trade on Crypto Exchange Platform


  • Operations – 5%
  • Legal – 10%
  • Purchase of Gold – 20%
  • Ecosystem and Community Development – 25%
  • Cryptocurrency Trading – 30%
  • Marketing and Business Development - 10%

Coin Specification

Name Remyt Token
Symbol XRT
Total supply 5,500,000
ICO 5,000,000
Affiliates & Bounty 200,000
Remyt Team 200,000 ( Locked for 2 years )
Pre-ICO 100,000
Decimal place 18
Platform Ethereum
Start date 1st April 2018
Mode of Remyt Purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS
Starting Price $0.50

Our Features

Backed by Gold

Each Remyt Token is backed by physical gold for a start.

Growing Value

20 percent of our profit will be used to buy more gold every Quarter.


Audit of our gold reserve once every half-year


Remyt ICO

Remyt will issue an ERC20 Remyt Token (XRT) for its ICO, which will be utilized as a medium of exchange in the Remyt Ecosystem.

Each Remyt Token is backed by physical Gold, held in multiple secure storage facilities. At the end of every financial quarter, 20% of total profits (from internal exchange fees, Remittance administrative fees, CIP administrative fees) will be used to buy more gold thereby increasing our gold reserve. Every half-year the gold reserve will be audited by a third party audits whose report will be made available to token holders.

Remyt Pre-ICO will be on the 1st April 2018 while ICO will start on the 23rd April 2018 and end on 6th July 2018. During the ICO period 5,000,000 Remyt Token will be sold in 5 rounds of 1 million each. Each round will last for 7 days on first come first serve basis. The ICO price will increase each round by $0.1

There will be no peer to peer sales of Remyt Tokens until internal exchange is ready. (Beware of those offering to sell Remyt Tokens via social media)

Pre-ICO Price - $0.50 per token (only 100,000 Remyt Tokens will be sold in just one day based on first come first serve basis)

500,000 Remyt Tokens

  • Round 1

  • 500,000 XRT

  • $0.60 per token

1,000,000 million Remyt Tokens

  • Round 2

  • 1,000,000 XRT

  • $0.70 per token

1,000,000 million Remyt Tokens

  • Round 3

  • 1,000,000 XRT

  • $0.80 per token

1,000,000 million Remyt Tokens

  • Round 4

  • 1,000,000 XRT

  • $0.90 per token

Remyt Roadmap

Expansion to capture 5% of the global remittance market by the end of 2022.

Launch RemytPay for merchants & Remyt Debit Card

Listing on external cryptocurrency exchange platforms

Launch Remyt Application Platform,
Launch iOS/Android Application

Launch Escrow platform

Token Distribution, Launch Crypto Investment program (CIP), Launch Internal exchange

Frequently asked questions

Our CIP is not a lending program but an investment program. CIP earnings are 100% profits, generated from our Cryptocurrency trading on selected crypto trading platform. That is why 30% of the ICO funds are allocated to Crypto Trading.
Due to the nature of Cryptocurrency trading, ROI may vary from 0.01% up to 2.25% daily until a minimum of 20%, up to a maximum of 40% is fully earned per month.
It won’t get to that because we shall keep accepting investment in to our CIP program until 80% of the allocated funds is attained. CIP program will stop accepting further investment once it attains 80% of the allocated funds. This will enable us manage the investment effectively. CIP will be open for further investment once the funds invested in CIP is less than 80% of the allocated funds. For example: if the 30% allocated fund is $1 million, CIP program will keep accepting investment until the total investment in CIP is $800,000 (which represents 80% of $1 million). At $800,000 CIP program stops accepting investment but will be open to accepting investment whenever the total investment amount is less than $800,000.
We are a 10 member team (2 from Asia, 4 From Europe, 2 from Africa, and 2 from America) with several years of experience in the financial industry. But we prefer to be anonymous for security reasons to ensure effective operations.
Yes withdrawal is always open. You can withdraw your deposit anytime.
We are afraid you can’t, our intention is to protect all participants from losing their hard earned money to scammers. We will appreciate if you can be patient for internal/external exchange or escrow platform to enable you trade safely.
Please note that each Remyt Token is backed by physical gold. Remyt Tokens will be utilized as a medium of exchange for remittance in our Remyt Application Platform. Thus providing its demands.
Yes we do. There is a 3% bonus earned on every ICO purchase by your referrals provided they register via your affiliate link. You also enjoy a 5% bonus on your referrals daily earnings if they invest in our Crypto Investment Program (CIP).
AML will be integrated in to our Remyt Application Platform at launch
First you must register and validate your account. Deposit funds via Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin or EOS. Then click on Buy XRT Token via ICO to book/purchase your token, enter the amount, select the payment of your choice, click on submit
Booking for XRT allows you to buy Remyt tokens on a first come First serve basis. First you must register and validate your account, check your profile via User Settings to ensure pre-register is activated. Ensure you have enough funds in your account, click on Buy XRT tokens via ICO enter the amount in USD select payment option and submit. Once the countdown gets to zero your account will be funded.

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